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24.10.2018 г.

По итогам опроса потребителей высшее спонтанное узнавание марки показала марка «Индолина».

Какие у Вас любимые блюда из индейки?

салаты (в том числе традиционные, типа оливье)
самостоятельные блюда - стейки
индейка тушкой запеченная
индейка зажаренная на сковороде
индейка тушеная с фруктами
индейка тушеная с овощами
индейка в вине
грудка запеченная
первые блюда (борщ, супы, солянки)
котлеты, люля


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Turkey day to Russians  24.05.2014 17:32

Turkey day to Russians

AMERICANS have the Easter bunny. Now Vadim Vaneev wants to introduce Russia to the Easter turkey. To get Russians to eat a North American food many are unfamiliar with, the entrepreneur has trademarked the term “Easter turkey” as a marketing gimmick. This year, he expects to sell 2.8-million birds. “In the West they have Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey. We have the Easter one,” said Vaneev. To make the connection clear to consumers, his company sells bagged turkey stamped with “Christ has risen” and a picture of a roast bird with Easter eggs and apples. For Orthodox Easter, which falls on the same date as the Western one, the company suggests boiling a turkey fillet and drizzling it with citrus cheese sauce. This year, the question of where Russia’s more than 140-million citizens get their food is growing more important as President Vladimir Putin finds himself increasingly isolated from the US and European Union amid tension about Ukraine. “Regardless of how relationships are going with other countries, Russia must develop its own agriculture, which deteriorated in the 1990s, to become a...http://newswall.co.za/news/topix/south-africa/food-market

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